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Mathematics is an integral part of almost every area of science. Physicsists, engineers, economists, chemists, biologists, and even social scientists, regularly use mathematics to better understand the systems they study.

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics in Uppsala facilitates novel and exciting joint research between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines and industry. Our aim is to engage mathematics directly in science by using mathematics to understand real world systems. The centre's core members come from the mathematics department including the the mathematical statistics group , the department of information technology including the scientific computing group and the systems and control group, and the centre for image analysis. These core members provide education and expertise in mathematical modelling and computer simulation.

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The core activities of the centre are as follows:


The defining feature of research projects carried out at the centre is the direct involvement of both mathematical scientists and scientists from other disciplines. We aim to make mathematics relevant by ensuring interaction across disciplines. The centre has interactions with ecologists, social scientists, economists, engineers, geneticists, pharmacologists, as well as many others.


We support the masters programmes in applied mathematics, scientific computing, financial mathematics and mathematical statistics. We also offer a variety of masters level courses both for mathematicians and for scientists with other backgrounds.


We offer a service both for industry and other scientific departments of mathematical and computational consultancy (MC˛). We provide help with numerical analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation, statistical analysis, computer implementations, and parallel computing.


Two day workshop: Problem Solving by Slime Moulds

New PhD-course

Nonlinear System Identification and it's Applications