Swedish Summer PDEs

August 26-28, KTH, Stockholm

Supported by the Swedish Research Council, STINT, KTH and Uppsala University .

Speakers and titles: ( List of abstracts )

Mark Allen: The fractional unstable obstacle problem slides

Agnid Banerjee: The structure of the regular and the singular set of the free boundary in the obstacle problem for fractional heat equation slides

Karl Brustad: The Dominative p-Laplacian slides

Hector Chang: Boundary Regularity for the Free Boundary in the One-phase Problem slides

Max Engelstein: An Epiperimetric Approach to Isolated Singularities

Cristiana De Filippis: Lipschitz bounds and non-uniformly elliptic functionals

Yash Jhaveri: On the (in)stability of the identity map in optimal transportation

Juha Kinnunen: Higher integrability for doubly nonlinear parabolic equations slides

Denis Kriventsov: A spiral interface with positive Alt-Caffarelli-Friedman limit at the origin

Aldo Pratelli: Stability of extremals of the Riesz potential. slides

Yue-Jun Peng: Relaxed Euler systems and convergence to Navier-Stokes equations

Edgard Pimentel: Improved regularity along singular sets slides

Olli Saari: On the derivative of fractional maximal function on domains slides

Russell Schwab: Analyzing a special case of the Hele-Shaw flow using integro-differential operators slides

Joaquim Serra: Understanding the singular set in the obstacle problem

Frank Seuffert: A Qualitative Description of Extremals for Morrey's Inequality.

Mariana Smit Vega Garcia: Regularity of almost minimizers with free boundary

Haitao Wang: On the spatial decay of the Boltzmann equation with hard potentials slides

Chunjing Xie: Analysis on subsonic steady solutions with both fixed and free boundaries

Hui Yu: Regularity of the singular set in the fully nonlinear obstacle problem slides

Yi Zhang: A fundamental inequality for the p-Laplacian and the infinity-Laplacian slides

Tentative schedule: All talks take place in F11.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
09.30-10.15: Juha Kinnunen 09.30-10.15: Max Engelstein 09.30-10.15: Hector Chang
Coffee Coffee Coffee
10.50-11.35: Yi Zhang 10.50-11.35: Aldo Pratelli 10.50-11.35: Mariana Smit Vega Garcia
11.40-12.25: Karl Brustad 11.40-12.25: Frank Seuffert 11.40-12.25: Joaquim Serra
Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.00-14.45: Edgard Pimentel 14.00-14.45: Mark Allen 14.00-14.45: Denis Kriventsov
14.50-15.35: Chunjing Xie 14.50-15.35: Agnid Banerjee 14.50-15.35: Hui Yu
Coffee Coffee Coffee
16.00-16.45: Yue-Jun Peng 16.00-16.45: Olli Saari 16.00-16.45: Cristiana De Filippis
16.50-17.35: Haitao Wang 16.50-17.35: Russell Schwab 16.50-17.35: Yash Jhaveri
18.30: Dinner

Organizers: Andreas Minne, (minne(snabel-a)kth.se), Erik Lindgren (erik.lindgren(snabel-a)math.uu.se) and Henrik Shahgholian (henriksh(snabel-a)kth.se)

Local information: Most international speakers will stay at Hotel Arcadia. For information how to get there from the airport, please follow the link. From the hotel, it is a ten-minute walk to the Dept of Mathematics, KTH.