International Symposium on Language Planning and Lexicology

*** ISLPL 2001 ***

Internacia simpozio pri lingva planado kaj leksikologio

Colloque International sur la Planification Linguistique et la Lexicologie

[Anonco en esperanto]

Under the auspices and sponsorship of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Academy of Esperanto organized an international symposium on language planning and lexicology, in Zagreb, Croatia, July 28-30, 2001.

The opening ceremony of the Symposium took place at 14:30 on Saturday, July 28, and the symposium ended at noon on Monday, July 30, 2001.


The Illyrian Hall of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Opati^cka 18, HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.


Each lecture lasted 30 minutes and left room for a five-minute discussion.

Saturday, July 28

Sunday, July 29

Monday, July 30

The previously announced lectures by Isaiah Munang Ayafor, Julius Balbin, Petek Kurtbke, Wen Jingen and Walter Zelazny were cancelled.


Persons wishing to attend the symposium were kindly requested to inform Professor Christer Kiselman, <>. (Paper address: P. O. Box 480, SE-751 06 Uppsala, Sweden.)


Honorary Board of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts:
Ivo Padovan, President
Andrija Ka^stelan, Secretary General
Dalibor Brozovi'c, Head of the Lexicographic Institute

Organizing Committee of the Academy of Esperanto:
Geraldo Mattos, President
Christer Kiselman, Vice President
Renato Corsetti, Secretary General
Spomenka ^Stimec, Member of the Academy of Esperanto

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