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ISP Box 549
751 21 Uppsala

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Room 11263
Ångström Laboratory
Lägerhyddsvägen 1


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Homepage of Leif Abrahamsson,
programme director of the
Mathematics Programme

Mathematics became a subprogramme of the ISP in 2002. Before that, in November 2001, a workshop was organized in Arusha, Tanzania - International Workshop on Mathematics for Development in Africa, South of the Sahara, and the conclusions from this workshop were used to design the programme.

The ISP support

Conference on Regional and Interregional Cooperation to Strengthen Basic Sciences in Developing Countries, September 1 - 4, 2009, to be held at the United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia More information
Supported activities 2009
The IPMS is currently cooperating with three networks and one resource centre. The networks are The resource centre is The ISP support to Ghana and Cameroon is being phased out, and will terminate in 2009/2010.
Bilateral programmes
The ISP is also coordinating some bilateral programmes [to be continued].
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  1. A truck on the road between Kigali and Butare
  2. Same truck from different angle
  3. Mr Egbert Mujuni defending his thesis in Dar es Salaam, August 2008
  4. EAUMP coordinators meeting in Kigali
  5. Elephants in Kruger Parc