PhD Seminar
Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
Wednesdays 13.00-14.00 at A64119

2018-12-19 Elin Persson Westin
2018-12-12 Gustav Hammarhjelm
2018-11-28 Linnea Gyllingberg
2018-11-14 Johan Asplund
2018-11-07 Colin Desmarais
2018-10-31 Nikolaos Iakovidis

2018-10-17 Anders Israelsson      L^p Boundedness of Schrödinger Integral Operators
2018-10-10 Sebastian Pöder      Dehn twists and the mapping class group of surfaces
2018-10-03 Victor Linroth      Circle maps, small divisors and some KAM theory
2018-09-26 Laertis Vaso     Quiver Grassmanians
2018-09-12 Tilo Wiklund      Skewness of random variables and a (not so) silly definition of convexity
2018-09-05 Johanna Stroemberg      The Union-Closed Sets Conjecture

2018-04-25 Daniah Tahir      Trait-dependent diversification and population size dependence for acvtwo-type, asymmetric, branching model.
2018-04-18 Linnea Gyllingberg      Deriving macroscopic equations for complex systems
2018-04-11 Nikolaos Iakovidis     Donaldson invariants
2018-04-11 Johan Asplund     LCH and the art of counting pseudoholomorphic disks
2018-03-14 Anders Israelsson      Regularity Properties of Fourier Integral Operators
2018-03-07 Gustav Hammarhjelm      Quasicrystals and densities
2018-02-14 Oleksandra Gasanova     Gröbner bases in polynomial rings
2017-12-20 Björn Blomqvist     Bayesian model selection and statistical control in the social sciences using Gaussian processes
2017-12-06 Laertis Vaso      Dyck paths corresponding to 2-Gorenstein acyclic Nakayama algebras
2017-11-15 Tilo Wiklund     A few of the Many Faces of Majorization
2017-11-08 Sebastian Pöder     Simple examples of partially wrapped Fukaya categories
2017-11-01 Yu Liu     Model for spontaneous self-replication
2017-10-25 Dan Lilja      Complex dynamics
2017-10-18 Filipe Mussini      Planar bond percolation
2017-10-11 Andreas Rocen      Instantons
2017-10-04 Yevgen Ryeznik      Implementing optimal designs for dose-response studies through adaptive randomisation
2017-09-27 Konstantinos Tsougkas     Random walks and renormalization on fractal graphs
2017-09-20 Andrea Pasquali     The combinatorics of non-crossing sets
2017-09-13 Viktoria Veselic      Bistability


2017-03-22 Dan Strängberg     Chaos: friend and foe
2017-03-15 Daniah Tahir      Modeling trait-dependent evolution in the Geraniaceae family
2017-03-01 Filipe Mussini     Extreme value theory
2017-02-22 Victor Linroth      Weighted Birkhoff Averages for Quasiperiodic Quadrature
2017-02-15 Tilo Wiklund     Information and Limits of Experiments
2017-02-01 Samuel Edwards      Diophantine approximation and dynamics on the space of lattices
2016-12-14 Andreas Rocén      Mutually unbiased bases
2016-12-07 Yu Liu      Who is really able to self-replicate itself? -- Autocatalytic sets
2016-11-30 Yevgen Ryeznik      Bayesian Design of Proof-of-Concept Binary Outcome Trial
2016-11-16 Konstantinos Tsougkas      Harmonic functions and random walks on graphs
2016-11-02 Laertis Vaso      Colouring the Auslander-Reiten quiver of a Nakayama algebra
2016-10-12 Azza Alghamdi    Monte-Carlo approximation of Pluricomplex Green function
2016-10-05 Brendan Frisk-Dubsky      The cap set problem and the polynomial method
2016-09-28 Jakob Zimmermann  Counting positive integer matrices
2016-09-21 Andrea Pasquali    Completion: the algebraic side
2016-09-14 Erik Thörnblad     Tournaments and their limits
2016-09-14 Dan Strängberg    Renormalization in dynamical systems


2016-04-06 Daniah Tahir  Outcrosser and Selfer trait dynamics
2016-03-16 Brendan Frisk Dubsky  Regular polytopes
2016-03-02 Filipe Mussini  Frog model
2016-02-24 Konstantinos Tsougkas Fractals, Hausdorff dimension and Laplacians.
2016-02-17 Yu Liu Evolution in a “Number Soup”
2016-02-10 Azza Alghamdi Approximation of partly filled-in composite Juli lanini@mat.uniroma2.ita sets
2016-02-03 Björn Blomqvist Bayesian Analysis in the Social Sciences
2015-12-16 Viktoria Veselic Dynamical Systems on Networks
2015-12-09 Yevgen Ryeznik Adaptive Optimal Designs for Clinical Trials with Time-to-Event Outcomes
2015-12-02 Andrea Pasquali A gentle introduction to algebraic geometry
2015-11-25 Erik Thörnblad Universal graphs
2015-11-18 Emilia Lundberg A story about cobordisms
2015-11-11 Sebastian Pöder Topological restrictions on dynamics
2015-11-04 Jakob Zimmermann The coinvariant algebra
2015-10-07 Andreas Rocén Moonshine: A tale of monsters, men and shadows
2015-09-30 Juozas Vaicenavicius Mathematics that navigated Apollo to the Moon and beyond
2015-09-23 Love Forsberg Green's relations
2015-09-16 Anna Belova Rigorous enclosures of rotation numbers
2015-09-09 Samuel Edwards Apollonian Circle Packings.


2015-04-29 Brendan Frisk Dubsky The Möbius function
2015-04-22 Björn Blomqvist  Pertubation theory for boundary value problems
2015-04-15 Jakob Zimmermann The Perron-Frobenius Theorem
2015-03-18 Xiaoting Zhang Coloring invariant of knots
2015-03-11 Yu Liu Evolution of an artificial microbial ecosystem
2015-03-04 Erik Thörnblad Almost everywhere in infinite-dimensional vector spaces
2015-02-25 Love Forsberg  Multistructures
2015-02-18 Azza Alghamdi  Computation of Transfinite Diameter
2015-02-04 Olow Sande Non-tangentially accessible domains
2014-12-17 Natalia Zabzina A gradient flow approach to the model of positive feedback in decision-making
2014-12-10 Martin Vannestål Introduction to auctions
2014-12-03 Juozas Vaicenavicius A connection between Probability and Analysis
2014-11-12 Anna Belova  Estimation of the rotation number by interval methods
2014-11-05 Emilia Lundberg The Poincaré conjecture - The problem, the solution and a million dollar prize uncollected.
2014-10-29 Hannah Dyrssen  Equidistributed sequences and quasi-Monte Carlo
2014-10-22 Marta Leniec  Introduction to game options
2014-10-15 Samuel Edwards Unitary Representations
2014-10-01 Jonathan Nilsson The Banach-Tarski Paradox
2014-09-17 Ove Ahlman The big four in logic
2014-09-10 Viktoria Veselic Modelling nitrogen fixation


2014-03-12 Shyam Ranganathan  Games People Play
2014-02-19 Juozas Vaicenavicius A very brief introduction to Sequential Analysis 
2014-02-12 Anna Belova Maps of the circle
2014-02-05 Martin Vannestål Introduction to Optimal Stopping through examples
2013-12-18 Olow Sande The Harnack Inequality
2013-12-11 Ove Ahlman  Pregeometries - a connection between logic and geometry
2013-12-11 Love Forsberg Effective representations of truncated path semigroups
2013-11-27 Seidon Alsaody Classification
2013-11-20 Marta Leniec ntroduction to Portfolio Optimization
2013-11-13 Jonathan Nilsson Symmetry in the Euclidean plane
2013-10-23 Natalia Zabzina Symmetry creating bifurcation in collective decision making
2013-10-16 Katja Trinajstic  Brownian motion and random walk
2013-10-09 Cecilia Karlsson  Chekanovs knots
2013-10-02 Ramon Horvath Highly Non-computable Models of Certain First Order Theories
2013-09-18 Marcus Olofsson Solving partial differential equations in a non-smooth world
2013-09-11 Djalal Mirmohades  Simplicial sets


2013-04-17 Martin Vannestål Basic concepts in option pricing
2013-03-27 Håkan Persson Plurisubharmonic functions and analytic disks
2013-03-13 Emilia Lundberg A-infinity algebras from a topological viewpoint
2012-03-06 Cecilia Karlsson Fredholm operators
2013-02-27 Djalal Mirmohades Categories for the Working Ph.D. Student
2013-02-20 Katja Trinajstic Simple and age-dependent branching processes
2013-02-13  Marta Leniec The role of inside information in pricing financial derivatives
2013-02-06  Seidon Alsaody The Octonions
2012-12-19 Olow Sand Muckenhoupt Weights
2012-12-05 Ove Ahlman Convergence laws on graphs by playing games
2012-11-28 Shyam Ranganathan Modeling Human Development
2012-11-28 Måns Thulin The Gospel According to Bayes
2012-10-31 Jonathan Nilsson Lie algebras and their representations
2012-10-24 Marcus Olofsson Snell Envelopes and Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
2012-10-17 Joanna Meinel Tensor products of sl_2-modules
2012-10-10 Natalia Zabzina Collective Decision-Making and Positive Feedback
2012-09-19 Hannah Dyrssen Feynman-Kac formulas
2012-09-12  Bing Lu The Optimal Dividend Problem


2012-02-29 Benny Avelin p-Laplace and p-parabolic equations in applications
2012-02-22 Håkan Persson Real World Physics and Abstract Mathematics in Harmonic Coexistence
2012-02-15 Katja Trinajstic  Convergence in law to the Tracy-Widom distribution
2012-02-08 Cecilia Karlsson Morse theory and signs in Morse-Witten-Floer homology
2012-02-01 Djalal Mirmohades Homology
2011-12-14 Bing Lu Optimal selling of an asset with jumps under incomplete information
2011-11-30 Hannah Dyrssen Backward equations for models with jumps
2011-11-16 Mahmoudreza Bazarganzadeh Introduction of Free boundary problems with some numerical results of quadrature domains
2011-11-02 Daniel Strömbom  Self-propelled particle models of collective motion
2011-10-19 Jimmy Kungsman Quantum resonances and the CAP method
2011-10-12 Albin Eriksson Östman  Knots, Legendrian knots, and Legendrian contact homology
2011-10-05 Seidon Alsaody Everything You Need
2011-09-28 Maik Görgens  Conditioned Gaussian Processes
2011-09-07 Måns Thulin  Problems in high-dimensional statistics