PhD Seminar
Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
Wednesdays 13.00-14.00 at A64119


2019-12-18 Colin Desmarais
2019-12-11 Rebekka Mueller
2019-12-04 Martin Andersson
2019-11-27 Marcus Westerberg     NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA (not available)

Is it a bird? Is it Batman? No, it is not available! In this talk I will discuss what this means, what
you can do about it. If you can not wait, have a look at the short summary below.

It is not uncommon in empirical studies that some part of the data is missing, in which case it might
be encoded as for example NA (not available), “missing”, or simply “ ” (blank) or “.” (dot), depending
on the context. In basic courses in statistics, data is always assumed to be completely observed, and
therefore standard methods do not directly apply to the situation where some of the data is missing. In
this talk, I will begin by presenting some examples of situations where there could be missing data,
and then proceed by introducing a working example of a “simple” analysis of a dataset with missing
data. Then I will spend the rest of the talk discussing (both naïve and more rigorous) methods for
adjusting the intended analysis, and their strengths and weaknesses. If time permits, I will also
discuss more complicated real life scenarios and sketch some possible approaches.

2019-11-20 Malte Litsgaard      A Gentle Introduction to Non-local Operators through Fractional Calculus

In recent years non-local operators appearing as fractional powers of differential operators
have gained a lot of attention, especially from the PDE research community.

In an attempt to shed some light on why that is, I will give an introduction to what these operators
are, taking the viewpoint of the historical development of fractional calculus.


2019-11-13 Christoffer Olsson      With Space as Your Canvas - An introduction to Euclidean coloring problems
2019-11-06 Aksel Bergfeldt     Noether's theorem and its applications to Lagrangian physics
2019-10-30 Markus Thuresson      Why do we care about quivers?
2019-10-23 Oleksandra Gasanova     Conway-Coxeter frieze patterns and their combinatoric
2019-10-16 Carmina Fjellstroem      Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
2019-10-09 Yuqiong Wang      Gambling against randomness: how to know when to stop
2019-10-02 Gustav Hammarhjelm      Cut-and-project sets
2019-09-25 Nikolaos Iakovidis      Classical Mechanics and Symplectic Geometry
2019-09-18 Fabian Burghart     Automata, flowers, and free groups
2019-09-11 Johan Asplund      Legendrian Approximation or how to parallel park a car
2019-09-04 Victor Linroth      KAM Theory and some Celestial Mechanics


2019-03-06 Johanna Stroemberg     Trees
2019-02-27 Rebekka Mueller     An application of Poisson random measures in population genetics
2019-02-20 Marcus Westerberg      The Nelson-Aalen estimator and some of its properties
2019-02-13 Helena Jonsson      Real fields and Artin-Schreiers theorem
2019-02-06 David Lundberg      Constraint equations in General Relativity
2018-12-19 Elin Persson Westin      Quiver representations and Gabriel's theorem
2018-12-12 Gustav Hammarhjelm      An application of adeles
2018-11-28 Oleksandra Gasanova      Monomial ideals with tiny squares
2018-11-14 Johan Asplund      Associativity in topology
2018-11-07 Colin Desmarais      What do we do if aliens invade Earth?
2018-10-31 Nikolaos Iakovidis      What is a gauge?
2018-10-17 Anders Israelsson      L^p Boundedness of Schrödinger Integral Operators
2018-10-10 Sebastian Pöder      Dehn twists and the mapping class group of surfaces
2018-10-03 Victor Linroth      Circle maps, small divisors and some KAM theory
2018-09-26 Laertis Vaso     Quiver Grassmanians
2018-09-12 Tilo Wiklund      Skewness of random variables and a (not so) silly definition of convexity
2018-09-05 Johanna Stroemberg      The Union-Closed Sets Conjecture


2018-04-25 Daniah Tahir      Trait-dependent diversification and population size dependence for acvtwo-type, asymmetric, branching model.
2018-04-18 Linnea Gyllingberg      Deriving macroscopic equations for complex systems
2018-04-11 Nikolaos Iakovidis     Donaldson invariants
2018-04-11 Johan Asplund     LCH and the art of counting pseudoholomorphic disks
2018-03-14 Anders Israelsson      Regularity Properties of Fourier Integral Operators
2018-03-07 Gustav Hammarhjelm      Quasicrystals and densities
2018-02-14 Oleksandra Gasanova     Gröbner bases in polynomial rings
2017-12-20 Björn Blomqvist     Bayesian model selection and statistical control in the social sciences using Gaussian processes
2017-12-06 Laertis Vaso      Dyck paths corresponding to 2-Gorenstein acyclic Nakayama algebras
2017-11-15 Tilo Wiklund     A few of the Many Faces of Majorization
2017-11-08 Sebastian Pöder     Simple examples of partially wrapped Fukaya categories
2017-11-01 Yu Liu     Model for spontaneous self-replication
2017-10-25 Dan Lilja      Complex dynamics
2017-10-18 Filipe Mussini      Planar bond percolation
2017-10-11 Andreas Rocen      Instantons
2017-10-04 Yevgen Ryeznik      Implementing optimal designs for dose-response studies through adaptive randomisation
2017-09-27 Konstantinos Tsougkas     Random walks and renormalization on fractal graphs
2017-09-20 Andrea Pasquali     The combinatorics of non-crossing sets
2017-09-13 Viktoria Veselic      Bistability


2017-03-22 Dan Strängberg     Chaos: friend and foe
2017-03-15 Daniah Tahir      Modeling trait-dependent evolution in the Geraniaceae family
2017-03-01 Filipe Mussini     Extreme value theory
2017-02-22 Victor Linroth      Weighted Birkhoff Averages for Quasiperiodic Quadrature
2017-02-15 Tilo Wiklund     Information and Limits of Experiments
2017-02-01 Samuel Edwards      Diophantine approximation and dynamics on the space of lattices
2016-12-14 Andreas Rocén      Mutually unbiased bases
2016-12-07 Yu Liu      Who is really able to self-replicate itself? -- Autocatalytic sets
2016-11-30 Yevgen Ryeznik      Bayesian Design of Proof-of-Concept Binary Outcome Trial
2016-11-16 Konstantinos Tsougkas      Harmonic functions and random walks on graphs
2016-11-02 Laertis Vaso      Colouring the Auslander-Reiten quiver of a Nakayama algebra
2016-10-12 Azza Alghamdi    Monte-Carlo approximation of Pluricomplex Green function
2016-10-05 Brendan Frisk-Dubsky      The cap set problem and the polynomial method
2016-09-28 Jakob Zimmermann  Counting positive integer matrices
2016-09-21 Andrea Pasquali    Completion: the algebraic side
2016-09-14 Erik Thörnblad     Tournaments and their limits
2016-09-14 Dan Strängberg    Renormalization in dynamical systems


2016-04-06 Daniah Tahir  Outcrosser and Selfer trait dynamics
2016-03-16 Brendan Frisk Dubsky  Regular polytopes
2016-03-02 Filipe Mussini  Frog model
2016-02-24 Konstantinos Tsougkas Fractals, Hausdorff dimension and Laplacians.
2016-02-17 Yu Liu Evolution in a “Number Soup”
2016-02-10 Azza Alghamdi Approximation of partly filled-in composite Juli lanini@mat.uniroma2.ita sets
2016-02-03 Björn Blomqvist Bayesian Analysis in the Social Sciences
2015-12-16 Viktoria Veselic Dynamical Systems on Networks
2015-12-09 Yevgen Ryeznik Adaptive Optimal Designs for Clinical Trials with Time-to-Event Outcomes
2015-12-02 Andrea Pasquali A gentle introduction to algebraic geometry
2015-11-25 Erik Thörnblad Universal graphs
2015-11-18 Emilia Lundberg A story about cobordisms
2015-11-11 Sebastian Pöder Topological restrictions on dynamics
2015-11-04 Jakob Zimmermann The coinvariant algebra
2015-10-07 Andreas Rocén Moonshine: A tale of monsters, men and shadows
2015-09-30 Juozas Vaicenavicius Mathematics that navigated Apollo to the Moon and beyond
2015-09-23 Love Forsberg Green's relations
2015-09-16 Anna Belova Rigorous enclosures of rotation numbers
2015-09-09 Samuel Edwards Apollonian Circle Packings.


2015-04-29 Brendan Frisk Dubsky The Möbius function
2015-04-22 Björn Blomqvist  Pertubation theory for boundary value problems
2015-04-15 Jakob Zimmermann The Perron-Frobenius Theorem
2015-03-18 Xiaoting Zhang Coloring invariant of knots
2015-03-11 Yu Liu Evolution of an artificial microbial ecosystem
2015-03-04 Erik Thörnblad Almost everywhere in infinite-dimensional vector spaces
2015-02-25 Love Forsberg  Multistructures
2015-02-18 Azza Alghamdi  Computation of Transfinite Diameter
2015-02-04 Olow Sande Non-tangentially accessible domains
2014-12-17 Natalia Zabzina A gradient flow approach to the model of positive feedback in decision-making
2014-12-10 Martin Vannestål Introduction to auctions
2014-12-03 Juozas Vaicenavicius A connection between Probability and Analysis
2014-11-12 Anna Belova  Estimation of the rotation number by interval methods
2014-11-05 Emilia Lundberg The Poincaré conjecture - The problem, the solution and a million dollar prize uncollected.
2014-10-29 Hannah Dyrssen  Equidistributed sequences and quasi-Monte Carlo
2014-10-22 Marta Leniec  Introduction to game options
2014-10-15 Samuel Edwards Unitary Representations
2014-10-01 Jonathan Nilsson The Banach-Tarski Paradox
2014-09-17 Ove Ahlman The big four in logic
2014-09-10 Viktoria Veselic Modelling nitrogen fixation


2014-03-12 Shyam Ranganathan  Games People Play
2014-02-19 Juozas Vaicenavicius A very brief introduction to Sequential Analysis 
2014-02-12 Anna Belova Maps of the circle
2014-02-05 Martin Vannestål Introduction to Optimal Stopping through examples
2013-12-18 Olow Sande The Harnack Inequality
2013-12-11 Ove Ahlman  Pregeometries - a connection between logic and geometry
2013-12-11 Love Forsberg Effective representations of truncated path semigroups
2013-11-27 Seidon Alsaody Classification
2013-11-20 Marta Leniec ntroduction to Portfolio Optimization
2013-11-13 Jonathan Nilsson Symmetry in the Euclidean plane
2013-10-23 Natalia Zabzina Symmetry creating bifurcation in collective decision making
2013-10-16 Katja Trinajstic  Brownian motion and random walk
2013-10-09 Cecilia Karlsson  Chekanovs knots
2013-10-02 Ramon Horvath Highly Non-computable Models of Certain First Order Theories
2013-09-18 Marcus Olofsson Solving partial differential equations in a non-smooth world
2013-09-11 Djalal Mirmohades  Simplicial sets


2013-04-17 Martin Vannestål Basic concepts in option pricing
2013-03-27 Håkan Persson Plurisubharmonic functions and analytic disks
2013-03-13 Emilia Lundberg A-infinity algebras from a topological viewpoint
2012-03-06 Cecilia Karlsson Fredholm operators
2013-02-27 Djalal Mirmohades Categories for the Working Ph.D. Student
2013-02-20 Katja Trinajstic Simple and age-dependent branching processes
2013-02-13  Marta Leniec The role of inside information in pricing financial derivatives
2013-02-06  Seidon Alsaody The Octonions
2012-12-19 Olow Sand Muckenhoupt Weights
2012-12-05 Ove Ahlman Convergence laws on graphs by playing games
2012-11-28 Shyam Ranganathan Modeling Human Development
2012-11-28 Måns Thulin The Gospel According to Bayes
2012-10-31 Jonathan Nilsson Lie algebras and their representations
2012-10-24 Marcus Olofsson Snell Envelopes and Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
2012-10-17 Joanna Meinel Tensor products of sl_2-modules
2012-10-10 Natalia Zabzina Collective Decision-Making and Positive Feedback
2012-09-19 Hannah Dyrssen Feynman-Kac formulas
2012-09-12  Bing Lu The Optimal Dividend Problem


2012-02-29 Benny Avelin p-Laplace and p-parabolic equations in applications
2012-02-22 Håkan Persson Real World Physics and Abstract Mathematics in Harmonic Coexistence
2012-02-15 Katja Trinajstic  Convergence in law to the Tracy-Widom distribution
2012-02-08 Cecilia Karlsson Morse theory and signs in Morse-Witten-Floer homology
2012-02-01 Djalal Mirmohades Homology
2011-12-14 Bing Lu Optimal selling of an asset with jumps under incomplete information
2011-11-30 Hannah Dyrssen Backward equations for models with jumps
2011-11-16 Mahmoudreza Bazarganzadeh Introduction of Free boundary problems with some numerical results of quadrature domains
2011-11-02 Daniel Strömbom  Self-propelled particle models of collective motion
2011-10-19 Jimmy Kungsman Quantum resonances and the CAP method
2011-10-12 Albin Eriksson Östman  Knots, Legendrian knots, and Legendrian contact homology
2011-10-05 Seidon Alsaody Everything You Need
2011-09-28 Maik Görgens  Conditioned Gaussian Processes
2011-09-07 Måns Thulin  Problems in high-dimensional statistics