My name is Ramón Horváth and I am currently a PhD student at Uppsala University.

Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

At present my focus is on symplectic and contact geometry and I try to understand what symplectic field theory is.

My supervisor is Tobias Ekholm.

Link to the official page.

Fields of interest:


Telephone: 018-471 3153

Room number: 5415

Visiting address:
Lägerhyddsv 1
752 37 UPPSALA
Postal address:
BOX 480, 751 06 UPPSALA

Two friends of mine, Albin and Georgios, work on this field as well.

nLab is a great source of information on the categorical viewpoint, just as the blog n-category Cafe.

One can find quite a lot of good stuff on Math Overflow or on the Secret Blogging Seminar.

This week's finds of John Baez.

In the future this page might become alive.

If you want to be a mathematician (a collection of references) or a physicist (some pieces of advice from Gerard 't Hooft).

One can find a collection of videos on various topics on
and some other fun videos on undergrad maths (verrry mild presentation) here.

Messenger lectures given by Richard Feynman on project Tuva. (Silverlight is needed!)

Sidney R. Coleman's lectures on QFT.

World is full of amazing things...

CERN, (The sound of LHC), LIGO, ITER, Voyager mission, Mars exploration, final results might be coming soon from Gravity Probe B.

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