My Ph.D. thesis: The Lorenz attractor exists (revised 981207 and 990310)

My thesis consists of three parts, (1) the thesis itself, (2) the codes, and (3) the initial data.

(1) The revised thesis: This is a normal PostScrip file, and this is a gzipped PostScript file.

(2) The codes:

I use three codes in my proof. The two first ones are short and rather trivial. Their role is described in the thesis. In the headers of the C files you can see how to compile the programs.

smalldiv.c I use smoothness 10 and order 61 in my paper.
coeff.c I use smoothness 10 and order 70 in my paper.
lorenz_2.1.c The main program appearing in my thesis.

Given an initial rectangle with an associated cone, the main program computes the pseudo return, the image of the cone, and the minimal expansion within the initial cone. A more detailed explanation of the underlying mathematics and of what the program does can be found in my thesis.

(3) The initial data:

INPUT_FILE_I The partition of the trapping region. This file is needed for all runs.
INPUT_FILE_II The refined partition of rectangle #121. This file is only needed for run#3.

Here are the INIT files used in the proof. Be sure to rename them to "INIT" after downloading. These files also appear in the thesis itself.

INIT_1 INIT file #1 (corresponds to run#1). OUT_1 This is the output from run#1.
INIT_2 INIT file #2 (corresponds to run#2). OUT_2 This is the output from run#2.
INIT_3 INIT file #3 (corresponds to run#3). OUT_3 This is the output from run#3.

Warwick Tucker
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