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Coming seminars:

2024-06-04 Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda (Seoul)
2024-05-21 David Rose (Chapel Hill)
2024-05-14 Samuel Odeberg (Uppsala)
2024-05-07 David Ploog (Stavanger)

2024-04-16 Samuel Creedon (Uppsala) Constructing the affine partition category

The focus of this talk will be to present a new diagrammatic
construction for the affine partition
category. We will begin by first defining the partition category and presenting
some of its core properties.
Next we will discuss the concept of "affinizing" a diagram category by
reviewing some examples. Here we
will highlight some of the unique features and obstacles in the setting of the
partition category. We will
then detail the construction of the affine partition category and summarise
the main results we
obtained. Lastly, we compare what we have done to other constructions and
results, and discuss some future

Since the partition category contains many diagram categories as
subcategories, this talk should serve as
a gentle introduction to various diagram categories (in particular, those which
emerge from Schur-Weyl

Previous seminars:


2024-03-26 Darij Grinberg (Philadelphia) The one-sided cycle shuffles in the symmetric group algebra
2024-03-19 Laertis Vaso (Trondheim) \tau_d-tilting theory for Nakayama algebras
2024-02-27 Tiago Cruz (Stuttgart) Relative Auslander-Gorenstein pairs
2024-02-20 Shuoyang Xu (Shanghai/Uppsala) Lie bialgebra structure of derivation Lie algebra over quantum torus
2024-02-06 Lleonard Rubio y Degrassi (Uppsala) On the first (relative) Hochschild cohomology and the (relative) fundamental groups
2024-01-16 Grzegorz Bobinski (Torun) Geometrically irreducible algebras


2023-12-05 Alexis Langlois-Remillard (Bonn) Uncoiled Temperley-Lieb algebras, Jones-Wenzl projectors and their trace decategorification
2023-11-21 Maud De Visscher (London) The anti-spherical Hecke category for Hermitian symmetric pairs
2023-11-21 Pedro Vaz (Louvain) Growth problems in monoidal categories
2023-11-07 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) J-equivalence for algebras (or: Splitting the regular bimodule)
2023-10-24 Darius Dramburg (Uppsala) Classifying 2-representation infinite algebras of type \tilde{A}
2023-10-10 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Identity in the presence of adjunction
2023-09-26 Tony Zorman (Dresden) Duality in Monoidal Categories
2023-09-12 Matthew Chaffe (Birmingham) Representation theory of truncated current Lie algebras in positive characteristic
2023-06-13 Rekha Biswal (Bhubaneswar) Ideals in enveloping algebras of affine Kac-Moody algebras
2023-05-30 Pierre-Guy Plamondon (Paris) Categorifying u-equations
2023-05-30 Sira Gratz (Aarhus) Thick Subcategories and Lattices
2023-05-23 Victor Hildebrandsson (Uppsala) Octonion algebras over schemes and the equivalence of isotopes and isometric quadratic forms
2023-05-16 Mika Norlen Jaederberg (Uppsala) The Ext-Algebra of Standard Modules of Bound Twisted Double Incidence Algebras
2023-05-09 Anna Rodriguez Rasmussen (Uppsala) Quasi-hereditary skew group algebras
2023-04-18 Mehrdad Nasernejad (Artois University) Algebraic properties of dominating ideals and closed neighborhood ideals of graphs
2023-04-04 Philippe Gille (CNRS/Lyon) When is a reductive group scheme linear?
2023-03-21 Santanu Tantubay (Allahabad) Integrable representation of full toroidal Lie algebras
2023-02-28 Marco D'Anna (Catania) Almost Gorenstein rings and further generalizations: the one-dimensional case
2023-02-21 Antoine Caradot (Henan) The cohomological variety of a vertex operator algebras
2023-02-07 Julia Sauter (Bielefeld) Tilting theory in exact categories


2022-12-13 Juergen Fuchs (Karlstad) String-net modular functors
2022-11-29 Pablo Ocal (Bonn) Lattices, the Balmer spectrum, and representations of algebras
2022-11-15 Rene Marczinzik (Stuttgart) Auslander regular algebras and Koszul duality
2022-11-01 Jieru Zhu (Louvain) Superalgebra deformations of the web categories
2022-10-18 Marion Jeannin (Uppsala) Analogues of Morozov's theorem: an integration question, from complex to positive characteristic settings
2022-10-04 Markus Thuresson (Uppsala) Investigating quasi-hereditary structures using combinatorics of binary trees
2022-09-20 Chun-Ju Lai (Taipei) Quasi-hereditary covers, Hecke subalgebras and quantum wreath product
2022-09-06 Jonathan Gruber (Singapore) Minimal tilting complexes and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials
2022-06-09 Hassan Ali (Uppsala) Exceptional Groups and Their Generators
2022-06-03 Hin Chung Henry Tsang (Uppsala) Higher Auslander algebras of higher preprojective algebras
2022-05-31 Rosa Maria Miro-Roig (Universitat de Barcelona) Groebner Problem
2022-05-31 Volkmar Welker (Philipps-Universitaet Marburg) Matroid Type Complexes with Orthogonality Relations
2022-05-24 Einar Waara (Uppsala) The weak Lefschetz property of Artinian monomial algebras corresponding to simplicial complexes
2022-05-24 Mikolaj Cuszynski-Kruk (Uppsala) Perron-Frobenius theorem and Z_{>=0}[S_3]-semimodules
2022-05-17 Bim Gustavsson (Uppsala) The classification of finite-dimensional complex semi-simple Lie algebras and Serre's theorem.
2022-05-03 Jonathan Lindell (Uppsala) Relative Hochschild cohomology
2022-05-03 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) 2-Representations of affine type A Soergel bimodules: some observations and examples
2022-04-19 Joseph Grant (UEA) Frobenius algebras and fractional Calabi-Yau categories
2022-04-05 Rosa Orellana (Dartmouth College) Plethysm and uniform block permutations
2022-03-22 Eric Marberg (Hongkong) Gelfand W-graphs and perfect models for finite Coxeter groups
2022-03-08 Alexandra Utiralova (MIT) Harish-Chandra bimodules in complex rank
2022-02-22 Xiaoyu Zhu (Shanghai/Uppsala) Lie super-bialgebra structures and quantization on the Lie superalgebra of Witt type
2022-02-08 Elin Persson Westin (Uppsala) Tilting modules and exceptional sequences for a family of dual extension algebras
2022-01-25 Maud De Visscher (London) Defining an affine partition algebra


2021-12-14 Victoria Lebed (Caen) The word problem for certain Hecke-Kiselman monoids
2021-11-30 Ehud Meir (Aberdeen) Interpolations of monoidal categories by invariant theory
2021-11-16 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) The N-stable category
2021-11-02 James Macpherson (Norwich) Generalisations to Infinity in Finitary 2-Representation Theory
2021-10-19 Inna Entova-Aizenbud (Ben Gurion University) McKay Trees
2021-10-05 Bim Gustavsson (Uppsala) On the classification of simple weight sl_2(C)-modules
2021-09-21 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Weighted colimits of 2-representations and star algebras
2021-09-07 Lutz Hille (Muenster) Cluster tilting for algebraic varieties
2021-06-01 Isak Matsson (Uppsala) Algebras in Monoidal Categories
2021-05-25 Pablo Zadunaisky (Buenos Aires) Highest weight categories of representations of gl(infinity)
2021-05-18 Gregoire Naisse (Bonn) A categorification of the Lawrence--Krammer--Bigelow braid group representation using 2-Verma modules
2021-05-11 Magdalena Wiertel (Warsaw) Structure and representations of Hecke-Kiselman algebras
2021-05-04 Jonathan Axtell (Sung Kyun Kwan University) Cellularity of generalized Schur algebras
2021-04-20 Laura Colmenarejo (UMass Amherst) An insertion algorithm for diagram algebras
2021-04-13 Robert Laugwitz (Nottingham) Non-semisimple modular tensor categories and relative centers
2021-03-30 Shraddha Srivastava (Uppsala) The multiset partition algebra
2021-03-16 Rene Marczinzik (Stuttgart) Distributive lattices and Auslander regular algebras
2021-03-02 Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Belo Horizonte) Donagi-Witten construction and a graded covering of a supermanifold
2021-02-16 Sondre Kvamme (Uppsala) Admissibly finitely presented functors for exact categories
2021-02-02 Ruoyu Wang (Uppsala) Symmetric function and Kronecker coefficient
2021-01-19 Jonathan Lindell (Uppsala) Hochschild Cohomology and Support Varieties


2020-12-08 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Simple transitive 2-representations of bimodules via localization
2020-11-24 Christoffer Soederberg (Uppsala) The Nakayama Automorphism and Koszul Properties of Preprojective Algebras of n-Representation Finite Species
2020-11-10 Markus Thuresson (Uppsala) The Ext-algebra of standard modules over dual extension algebras
2020-10-27 Oleksandra Gasanova (Uppsala) On Lefschetz properties of graded artinian algebras
2020-10-13 Elin Persson Westin (Uppsala) Tilting modules and exceptional sequences for leaf quotients of type A zig-zag algebras
2020-09-29 Michele Del Zotto (Uppsala) g-defects: structures into the wild
2020-09-15 Hankyung Ko (Uppsala) Kostant's problem and a monoidal action of projective functors
2020-09-01 Rafael Mrden (Uppsala) Bigrassmannian permutations and Verma modules
2020-06-09 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) Cells and 2-representations of bimodules over Nakayama algebras
2020-05-26 Sandra Berg (Uppsala) Global dimension of (higher) Nakayama algebras
2020-05-19 Alejandra Perez (Uppsala) Quivers for semigroup algebras of binary relations of small rank
2020-04-28 Mateusz Stroinski (Uppsala) Self-injective cores and (non-)cell 2-representations
2020-03-10 Spencer Backman (Vermont) Simplicial generation of Chow rings of matroids
2020-03-03 Samu Potka (KTH) Cyclic sieving on circular Dyck paths
2020-02-18 Anne Schilling (UC Davis) A crystal structure for stable Grothendieck polynomials
2020-02-04 Christian Krattenthaler (Wien) Advanced Determinant Calculus
2020-01-14 Valentin Buciumas (Queensland) Whittaker functions on p-adic groups and solvable lattice models


2019-12-17 Hugh Thomas (Montreal) The fundamental theorem of finite semi-distributive lattices
2019-12-10 Alexander Engstroem (Helsinki) Standard monomials of I(P) for P in {0,1}^n in C^n
2019-12-10 Milo Orlich (Helsinki) Linearization of a monomial ideal
2019-12-10 Laura Jakobsson (Helsinki) Families of cellular resolutions, their representations and finitely generated syzygies
2019-12-03 Gustavo Jasso (Bonn) The symplectic geometry of higher Auslander algebras
2019-11-19 Alexander Berglund (Stockholm) Lie models and tautological classes for automorphisms of fiber bundles
2019-11-05 Hankyung Ko (Uppsala) Quantum polynomial functors
2019-10-15 Dan Petersen (Stockholm) Factorization statistics and bug-eyed configuration spaces
2019-10-01 Rafael Mrden (Uppsala) BGG complexes in singular blocks of category O
2019-09-17 Teresa Conde (Stuttgart) The Gabriel-Roiter measure and the finiteness of the representation dimension
2019-09-03 Sofia Tirabassi (Stockholm) The Brauer group of bielliptic surface
2019-06-25 Andriy Oliynyk (Kyiv) Finite state wreath powers of semigroups and groups
2019-06-25 Seidon Alsaody (Alberta) On the classification of quantum groups by descent and cohomology
2019-06-04 Petter Bergh (Trondheim) Modules of constant Jordan type for quantum complete intersections
2019-06-04 Karin Erdmann (Oxford) Periodicity of selfinjective algebra
2019-06-04 Patrick Le Meur (Oxford) Actions of Hopf Algebras and Calabi-Yau Duality
2019-05-21 Christoffer Soederberg (Uppsala) Category O for Takiff sl_2
2019-05-14 Jordan McMahon (Graz) Singularity categories in higher Auslander-Reiten theory
2019-05-07 Sigiswald Barbier (Ghent) The blocks of the periplectic Brauer algebra
2019-05-07 Aban Zehra Husain (Uppsala) Verma Modules, The Weyl Character Formula and Embedding Theorems
2019-04-23 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) The 2-representation theory of Soergel bimodules
2019-04-23 Daniel Tubbenhauer (Zuerich) All I know about Artin-Tits groups
2019-04-16 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Coidempotent subcoalgebras and extensions of 2-representations
2019-04-09 Anne-Laure Thiel (Caen) A Soergel category for cyclic groups
2019-04-02 Gabriele Bocca (Uppsala) Koszul properties of some quasi-hereditary zigzag path categories
2019-03-05 Ivan Martino (Stockholm) The geometry of subspace arrangements of finite groups
2019-02-26 Jakob Palmkvist (Gothenburg) Tensor hierarchy algebras
2019-02-12 Elizaveta Vishnyakova (Belo Horizonte/Bonn) Invariant subalgebras in a skew-group ring and their modules
2019-01-29 Gregory Smith (Kingston/Stockholm) Sums of squares on real projective varieties


2018-12-18 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) Cell structure of bimodules over Nakayama algebras
2018-12-18 Samuel Pettersson (Uppsala) Searching for self-injective planar quivers with potential
2018-12-11 Sondre Kvamme (Bonn) The singularity category of a dZ-cluster tilting subcategory
2018-12-04 Rowena Paget (Kent) The plethysm problem
2018-12-04 Rolf Farnsteiner (Kiel) Indecomposable modules, Mckay quivers and ramifications
2018-12-04 Petter Andreas Bergh (Trondheim) Matrix factorizations for self-orthogonal modules
2018-11-27 Chrysostomos Psaroudakis (Thessaloniki) Explicit right adjoints between homotopy categories
2018-11-20 Lorenzo Guerrieri (Catania) Asymptotic invariants of ideals with Noetherian symbolic Rees algebra and applications to cover ideals
2018-11-06 Oleksandra Gasanova (Uppsala) On the Ratliff-Rush closure of monomial ideals
2018-10-23 Rafael Mrden (Zagreb) BGG complexes in singular infinitesimal character via Penrose Transform
2018-10-16 Ruari Walker (Paris) Affine Hecke algebras and generalisations of quiver Hecke algebras for type B
2018-10-02 Walter Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Gelfand-Zeitlin modules and divided difference operators
2018-09-18 Julian Kuelshammer (Uppsala) Differential biquivers and the tame-wild dichotomy theorem
2018-09-04 Wushi Goldring (Stockholm) Propagating algebraicity of automorphic representations via Langlands functoriality
2018-06-12 Andrea Pasquali (Uppsala) Jacobian algebras and their skew group algebras
2018-06-05 Petter Restadh (Uppsala) The selfinjective Nakayama algebras and their complexity
2018-05-22 Daniel Ahlsen (Uppsala) Krull-Schmidt-Remak and Jordan-Hölder in abelian categories
2018-05-08 Jonathan Nilsson (Orebro) Representation theory for Lie algebras of vector fields
2018-04-17 Markus Thuresson (Uppsala) Drinfeld center
2018-03-27 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Analogues of centralizer subalgebras for fiat 2-categories
2018-03-21 Michael Ehrig (Sydney) Lie superalgebras via Schur-Weyl duality and categorification
2018-03-21 Julian Kuelshammer (Stuttgart) Exceptional collections and ring extensions
2018-03-21 David Ploog (Berlin) Worm diagrams and full exceptional sequences of modules
2018-03-21 Elisa Postinghel (Loughborough) Newton-Okounkov bodies in algebraic geometry
2018-03-13 Marco D'Anna (Catania) Numerical duplication and its associated graded ring
2018-02-20 Michael Ehrig (Sydney) Relative cellular algebras
2018-02-13 Nancy Abdallah (Linkoeping) Combinatorial invariance of KLV polynomials for fixed point free involutions
2018-02-13 Steffen Oppermann (Trondheim) Change of rings and singularity categories
2018-01-30 Olof Bergvall (Uppsala) Moduli of genus three curves with symplectic level two structure


2017-12-12 Melanija Mitrovic (Nis/Västerås) Constructive semigroups with apartness - a new approach to semigroup theory
2017-11-07 Emre Sertoz (Leipzig) Enumerative geometry of double spin curves
2017-10-24 Chih-Whi Chen (Uppsala) Affine periplectic Brauer algebras
2017-10-10 Xiaoting Zhang (Uppsala) Pyramids, strict monoidal actions and 2-representations
2017-09-26 Victoria Gould (York) Purity of S-acts and coherency for monoids
2017-09-26 Mark Lawson (Edinburgh) Basic Boolean inverse monoids
2017-09-26 Stuart Margolis (Bar Ilan) Boolean Representations of Simplicial Complexes and Lattice Representations: Beyond Matroids
2017-09-19 Yu Liu (Uppsala) n-cluster tilting subcategories and localizations on extriangulated categories
2017-09-05 Andrea Pasquali (Uppsala) Self-injective quivers with potential from Postnikov diagrams
2017-08-22 Kevin Coulembier (Sydney) Representation theory of periplectic Lie and Brauer algebra
2017-06-08 Seidon Alsaody (Lyon) Schemes, sheaves, torsors and octonions: an application of Grothendieck's philosophy
2017-05-30 Elin Persson Westin (Uppsala) Tilting modules over n-cluster tilting subcategories
2017-05-16 Helena Jonsson (Uppsala) Bimodules over dual numbers
2017-04-20 Peter Jorgensen (Newcastle) Thick subcategories of d-abelian categories
2017-04-04 Simone Giovannini (Padova/Uppsala) n-representation infinite algebras from McKay quivers of metacyclic groups
2017-03-21 Lisa Nicklasson (Stockholm) The Lefschetz properties of monomial algebras of positive characteristic
2017-03-07 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Multisemigroup of ideals arising from a cyclic quiver
2017-02-21 Xiaoting Zhang (Uppsala) Characterisation of k-split bimodules and its applications
2017-01-31 Hiroyuki Nakaoka (Kagoshima) Mutation via Hovey twin cotorsion pairs and model structures in extriangulated categories


2016-12-13 Jonas Hedman (Uppsala) 2-Categories and Yoneda Lemma
2016-11-29 Hankyung Ko (Bonn) Cohomology of quantum groups at roots of unity
2016-11-15 Andrea Pasquali (Uppsala) Tensor products of n-complete algebras
2016-10-25 Elin Westin (Uppsala) Generalisation of the Brenner-Butler tilting theorem
2016-10-11 Jan-Erik Roos (Stockholm) On commutative Koszul and non-Koszul algebras
2016-09-27 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Thick subcategories of n-cluster tilting subcategories
2016-09-13 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Categorification and p-adic GL_n
2016-06-09 Gustav Hammarhjelm (Uppsala) On division algebras of dimension 2^n admitting C_2^n as a subgroup of their automorphism group
2016-06-07 Max Morin (Uppsala)  n-representation finite algebras and cluster roots
2016-05-17 Qimh Xantcha (Stockholm)  Polynomial functors on pointed categories
2016-04-19 Andreas Holmstrom (Ålesund) Tannakian symbols (or How to explain motives to high-school students)
2016-03-08 Elin Gawell (Stockholm) Centers of partly (anti-) commutative quiver algebras
2016-02-23 Yu Liu (Uppsala) Hearts of cotorsion pairs on exact categories
2016-02-02 Victoria Gould (York) Maximal subgroups of free idempotent generated semigroups
2016-01-19 Marco Mackaay (Algarve) Categorified quantum groups, representations and intertwiners


2015-12-15 Vladimir Tkatjev (Linköping) Hsiang algebras
2015-12-08 Tobias Kildetoft (Uppsala) Decomposition of certain tensor products and character formulas for representations of algebraic groups
2015-11-24 Terry Gannon (Alberta/Karlstad) Mathieu Moonshine
2015-11-10 Naihong Hu (Shanghai) Loewy Filtration and Quantum de Rham Cohomology
2015-10-20 Ketil Tveiten  (Uppsala) Mutation of various things related to mirror symmetry for del Pezzo surfaces
2015-10-06 Markus Schmidmeier (Boca Raton) A Swiss Cheese type Theorem for linear operators with two invariant subspaces
2015-09-22 Aaron Chan (Uppsala) Curves on Riemann surfaces and complexes of Brauer graph algebras
2015-09-01 Fatma Al-Kharousi (Muscat) Studies in semigroups of contraction mappings of a finite chain
2015-08-18 Kevin Coulembier (Ghent) Ringel duality for parabolic category O
2015-06-02 Laertis Vaso (Uppsala) n-cluster tilting modules over quotients of path algebras of type A
2015-05-12 Benjamin Steinberg (New York) The representation theory of the full transformation monoids
2015-05-05 Peter Russell (Montreal) Actions of finite and multplicative groups on affine spaces
2015-04-28 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Representations of generalized symmetric groups
2015-04-21 Vladimir Tkatjev (Linköping) Non-associative algebras of minimal cubic cones
2015-04-14 Peter Joergensen (Newcastle) Generalised friezes and a modified Caldero-Chapoton map depending on a rigid object
2015-03-24 Osamu Iyama (Nagoya) Higher preprojective algebrars and Cohen-Macaulay representations
2015-03-17 Noriyuki Abe (Hokkaido/Paris) Loewy series of parabolically induced G_1-modules
2015-03-03 Petter Andreas Bergh (Trondheim) n-angulated caegories
2015-02-17 Hanno Becker (Bonn) Models for singularity categories and applications to knot homology
2015-02-03 Juergen Fuchs (Karlstad)  Defects and symmetries in three-dimensional topological field theories


2014-12-09 Olga Bershteyn (Copenhagen) Quantum groups and noncommutative analysis on quantum Hermitian symmetric spaces
2014-11-25 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) 2-representation finite algebras and tilting for one dimensional hypersurfaces
2014-11-04 Alessandro Oneto (Stockholm) Power ideals: from Fröberg conjecture to fat points
2014-10-21 Aaron Chan (Uppsala) Tilting theory of Brauer graph algebras
2014-09-30 Lilit Martirosyan (San Diego) The representation theory of the exceptional Lie superalgebras F(4) and G(3).
2014-09-16 Walter Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Dual projection functors in type A
2014-09-02 Isac Heden (Basel) The group of Cremona transformations generated by linear maps and the standard involution
2014-05-27 Alexander Stolin  (Göteborg) Classification of quantum groups and Lie bialgebra structures on sl(n,F): Relations with Brauer group
2014-05-13 Ornella Greco  (Stockholm) Syzygies of the Veronese modules
2014-04-29 Djalal Mirmohades (Uppsala) Simplicial structure on complexes
2014-04-08 Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Morita theory for finitary 2-categories
2014-03-25 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Effective representation of truncated path semigroups
2014-03-11 Benjamin Nill (Stockholm) Combinatorial challenges of toric Fano varieties
2014-02-18 Olivier Mathieu (Lyon) Is it possible to classify all Z^N-graded Lie algebras?
2014-02-04 Jonathan Nilsson (Uppsala) The zoo of Lie algebra modules


2013-12-10 Kevin Coulembier (Uppsala) Bott-Borel-Weil theory for Lie superalgebras
Erik Darpö (Västerås) Self-injective n-representation-finite algebras
Alexander Berglund (Stockholm) Koszul duality in algebraic topology
Kevin Coulembier (Uppsala) Bott-Borel-Weil theory for Lie algebras
Ivan Martino (Stockholm) The Ekedahl invariants for finite group
Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Higher dimensional Auslander-Reiten theory
Lucy Moser-Jauslin (Dijon) Some rational exotic affine threefolds and their automorphism groups
Marco Mackaay (Algarve) The sl(N) web categories and categorified skew Howe duality
Brendan Frisk Dubsky (Uppsala) Classification of simple complex weight modules with finite-dimensional weight spaces over the Schrödinger algebra
David Rydh (Stockholm) Criteria for algebraicity and coherence
Isac Heden (Uppsala) Algebraic G_a-actions on complex affine threefolds
Martin Blomgren (Uppsala) Categorical homotopy theory and fibrations
Axel Hultman (Linköping) Ubiquity of Schubert varieties defined by inclusions
Christian Krattenthaler 2013-03-05
Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) Affine Cellularity of Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras in type A
Anne-Laure Thiel (Uppsala) Categorification of extended Hecke algebra and quantum Schur algebra of affine type A
2013-02-12 Ganna Kudryavtseva (Ljubljana) Quantales, inverse semigroups and etale groupoids
2013-02-05 Qimh Xantcha (Uppsala) On extensions of polynomial functors
2013-01-22 Linh Cao Huy (Uppsala) Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of Tor-modules


2012-12-04 Matthias Schramm (Uppsala) Gelfand model for the Brauer algebra in the semisimple case
2012-11-27 Joanna Meinel (Bonn/Uppsala) Primitive Ideals of Generalized Weyl Algebras
2012-11-13 Hjalmar Rosengren (Göteborg) Three-coloured chessboards
2012-10-30 Brendan Frisk Dubsky (Uppsala) Classification of the two-dimensional real commutative division algebras via the method of double sign decomposition
2012-10-23 Victor Ufnarovski (Lund) Combinatoric in words and its applications
2012-09-18 Seidon Alsaody  (Uppsala) Induced group actions and finite dimensional real division algebras
2012-09-11 Henning Haahr-Andersen (Århus) Quantum groups with partially divided powers
2012-06-05 Anna-Louise Grensing (Bielefeld) Monoids of projection functors
2012-05-31 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Effective representations of Hecke-Kiselman monoids of type A
2012-05-22 Emilie Wiesner (Ithaca) Whittaker modules for Lie superalgebras
2012-05-08 Kaiming Zhao (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo) Irreducible representations of the Virasoro algebra
2012-03-27 Martin Bridson (Oxford/Mittag-Leffler Institute) Rigidity and automorphisms of surfaces and free groups
2012-03-22 Erik Darpö (Nagoya) The Loewy length of a tensor product of modules of a dihedral 2-group
2012-02-28 Peter Kroppholler (Glasgow) Generic open subsets of spheres and applications to the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariant
2012-02-21 Guillaume Tomasini (Strasbourg) Dual pair correspondence for weight modules
2012-02-07 Ganna Kudryavtsevsa (Ljubljana) On Stone duality and its non-commutative generalizations


2011-11-22 Carel Faber (Stockholm)  Modular forms and the cohomology of moduli spaces
Vasyl Ostrovskyy (Kyiv) On Hilbert representations of partially ordered sets
Luis Enrique Ramirez (Sao Paulo/Uppsala) Combinatorics of sl(3)-modules
Ramon Horvath (Uppsala) On A_{\infty} algebras
Aslak Buan (Trondheim) From triangulated categories to module categories via localisation
Robin Kastberg (Uppsala) On induced modules over the full transformation monoid
Jaroslaw Wisniewski (Warsaw) Differentials of Cox rings: Jaczewski's theorem revisited
Benjamin Steinberg (Ottawa)  The representation theory of finite monoids
Wojciech Chacholski (Stockholm) Symmetries and deformations of finite simple groups
2011-04-05 Frank Sottile
(College Station) Orbitopes
2011-03-29 Qimh Xantcha (Stockholm) Polynomial functors
Sarah Witherspoon (College Station) Support varieties and representation type
2011-02-15 Isac Hedén (Uppsala) Russell's hypersurface from a geometric point of view
2011-01-13 Karin Nilsson (Uppsala) Generation of the classical groups SO(4) and SO(8) by means of unit quaternions and unit octonions


2010-12-14 Veronica Crispin Quinonez (Uppsala) The Ratliff-Rush operation on an ideal
Paul Martin (Leeds) Decomposition numbers for Brauer algebras
Karin Baur (Zuerich) A frieze pattern determinant
Martin Herschend (Nagoya) 2-representation-finite algebras
Qimh Xantcha (Stockholm) Polynomial maps
Catharina Stroppel (Bonn) 3j-symbols and categorification
Joseph Chuang (London) A dual approach to representations of symmetric groups
Vanessa Miemietz (Norwich) The extension algebra of GL_2
Seidon Alsaody (Uppsala) Generalisations of the algebraic theory of connective segmentation
2010-06-01 Rune Suhr (Uppsala) Triality
Djalal Mirmohades (Uppsala) N-complexes
Semyon Konstein (Moscow) An example of simple Lie superalgebra with several invariant (nondegenerate symmetric) bilinear forms
Maria Gorelik (Rehovot) On an analogue of Macdonald identities
Boris Shapiro (Stockholm) On algebras counting spanning forests and trees


2009-12-15 Sandra Di Rocco (Stockholm) Toric polarized fibrations and Cayley polytopes
Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) The cylinder over Russel's hypersurface
Erik Darpö (Oxford University) Four-dimensional power-commutative real division algebras
2009-10-20 Björn Selander (Uppsala) On Giraud's non-abelian cohomology
2009-10-06 Catharina Stroppel (Bonn) Generalised Khovanov algebras
2009-09-29 Punita Batra (Allahabad) A Problem related to Derivations of a Laurent Polynomial ring and Modules over pre-exp-polynomial Lie algebras
2009-09-15 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Describing supports of weight modules
2009-06-02 Love Forsberg (Uppsala) Four-dimensional absolute valued algebras
2009-05-26 Vyacheslav Furtorny (Sao Paulo) Structure of induced modules for Affine Kac-Moody algebras
2009-05-12 Ernst Dieterich (Uppsala) Real division algebras, restricted quiver representations, and Euclidean configurations
2009-04-07 Ekaterina Orekhova (Uppsala) Simple weight q(2)-modules
2009-03-31 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) The transformation algebra of a division algebra
2009-03-17 Johan Alm (Uppsala University) Infinitesimal extensions of Hirzebruch surfaces
2009-03-13 Martin Herschend (Nagoya) Solution to the Clebsch-Gordan problem for string algebras
2009-03-03 Daniel Larsson (Uppsala ) Moduli of Lie algebras as Deligne-Mumford stacks
2009-02-17 Isac Heden (Uppsala) Russell's hypersurface from a geometric point of view
2009-02-03 Wojciech Chacholski (Stockholm) Cellularity of groups


2008-11-11 Rowena Paget (Canterbury) Brauer algebras and Schur-Weyl dualities
2008-10-28 Johan Kaahrstroem (Uppsala) Kostant's problem and parabolic subgroups
2008-10-14 Vanessa Miemietz (Oxford) Schur algebras for GL_2
2008-09-30 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) On the representation ring of the polynomial algebra over a perfect field
2008-09-16 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) Tensor product of Hodge-Riemann modules
2008-09-02 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Gelfand models
2008-05-27 Daniel Skog (Uppsala) Isometrier i Poincarés halvplansmodell
2008-05-26 Antoine Durdek (Uppsala) Simple weight sl(2)-modules and their tensor products
2008-05-20 Valentina Chapovalova (Uppsala) Decomposition of Certain S_n-modules into Specht Modules
2008-03-18 Johan Kaahrstroem (Uppsala) A New Approach to Kostant's Problem


2007-18-12 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) On the representation rings of quivers of exceptional Dynkin type
2007-11-20 Sergiy Ovsienko (Kyiv) On the notion of a noncommutative order
2007-11-06 Oeyvind Soelberg (Trondheim)  Koszul theory for finite dimensional algebras
2007-10-23 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Classification of pairs of rotations in finite-dimensional 
2007-10-09 Daniel Larsson (Uppsala) Moduli and deformations of Lie algebras
2007-09-25 Amy Glen (Montréal) Episturmian words: extremal properties and quasiperiodicity
2007-09-11 Johan Kaahrstroem (Uppsala) Tensoring with infinite-dimensional modules in O_0
2007-08-23 Ahmad Haghany (Isfahan) Endomorphism rings of semiprojective modules
2007-06-05 Anna Torstensson (Stockholm) Conjugacy classes in finite groups
2007-05-15 Alex Martsinkovsky (Boston)  Tails and Stable Homotopy Theory of Modules
2007-04-24 Gustaf Jonzon (Uppsala) The universal covering of the twice punctured plane
2007-04-17 Isac Heden (Uppsala) A C^3-like threefold which is not C^3
2007-03-20 Daniel Mondoc (Stockholm) Structurable algebras and Kantor triple systems
2007-03-13 Serge Ovisneko (Kyiv) Some finiteness statements for representations of gl_n
2007-02-27 Elizabeth Weldekidan (Uppsala) Perfect Codes and a construction of Golay Codes
2007-02-06 Björn Selander (Uppsala) Galois action on three-point G-covers of the Riemann sphere and classification of branched covers in characteristic p


2006-12-12 Johan Kåhrström (Uppsala) On a nice hypergeometic identity
2006-11-07 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala)  The idea of categorification for representation theory
2006-10-24 Ganna Kudryavtseva (Kyiv) Enlarging  a category by partial morphisms
2006-09-19 Catharina Stroppel (Glasgow)  Dynkin diagrams appear not only in Lie theory!
2006-05-16 Viacheslav Rabanovych (Kyiv) On sums of idempotent matrices and related questions
2006-05-09 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Tensor Products on Quiver Representations
2006-04-25 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Vector product algebras over general ground fields
2006-03-28 Jonas Hartwig (Göteborg) Ambiskew polynomial rings with Hopf structure
2006-03-14 Victor Maltcev (Kyiv) Representations of variants of semigroups


2005-12-20 Karin Erdmann (Oxford)  Tilting modules for GL(3) over characteristic 2
2005-11-29 Anders Frisk (Uppsala) The category O for the queer Lie superalgebra q(n)
2005-11-15 Ganna Kudryavtseva (Kyiv) L- and R-cross-sections in the Brauer semigroup
2005-11-01 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) Rings of invariants and rings of regular functions
2005-10-11 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala)  The category of linear complexes
2005-09-27 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) In which dimensions does a division algebra over a given ground field exist?
2005-09-13 Bjoern Selander (Uppsala) Kummer and Artin-Schreier theory formulated in terms of etale cohomology, with some applications to covers of curves
2005-08-23 Serge Ovsienko (Kyiv) Matrix Jordan algebras and their representations
2005-06-14 Catharina Stroppel (Glasgow) From Serre's functor to Serre functors in representation theory
2005-06-07 Mark Haiman (Berkeley) A combinatorial formula for Macdonald polynomials
2005-06-02 Jose Antonio Cuenca Mira (Malaga) On composition and absolute valued algebras
2005-05-17 Volodymyr Nekrashevych (Bremen) Iterated monodromy groups
2005-05-03 Magnus Hellgren (Uppsala) Invariant theory of Z_p over fields of characteristic p
2005-04-26 Johan Kåhrström (Uppsala) A brief introduction to buildings
2005-04-19 Anders Frisk (Uppsala) Finitistic dimension of standardly stratified algebras
2005-04-15 Francois Bergeron (Montreal) Invariants of reflection groups, and coinvariant spaces
2005-04-05 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Coverings and the Clebsch-Gordan problem for quiver representations
2005-03-22 Jonas Hartwig (Göteborg) Weight modules over twisted generalized Weyl algebras
2005-03-15 Pavlo Kolomiiets (Kyiv) On some generalization of Schubert varieties
2005-03-08 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Quasi-hereditary and properly stratified algebras
2005-03-01 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Vector products and real division algebras
2005-02-22 Galyna Tsyaputa (Kyiv) Transformation semigroups under sandwich multiplication
2005-02-15 Ernst Dieterich (Uppsala) A survey on real division algebras
2005-02-08 Karl-Heinz Fieseler (Uppsala) Kombinatorisk Snitthomologi för polytop
2005-02-01 Serge Ovsienko  (Kyiv) Galois algebras


2004-12-09 Yuriy Drozd  (Kyiv) Derived categories of modules and coherent sheaves
2004-11-29 Daniel Simson  (Torun) Artin's problem on skew field extensions and hereditary artinian rings with two connected AR-components
2004-10-18 Andreas Juhl  (Uppsala) Verma modules and conformally invariant differential operators
2004-06-01 Serge Ovsienko  (Kyiv) Commutative subalgebras of non-commutative algebras
2004-05-27 Orlando Villamayor  (Madrid) An introduction to constructive resolution of singularities
2004-05-25 Henning Haahr Andersen  (Aarhus) Cohomology of line bundles
2004-04-27 William Crawley-Boevey  (Leeds) Multiplicative preprojective algebras and the Deligne-Simpson problem
2004-03-15 Claus Michael Ringel  (Bielefeld) Subgroups of finite abelian groups
2004-01-30 Catharina Stroppel  (Aarhus) Tangles, Temperley-Lieb and projective functors


2003-12-17 Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann  (Santa Barbara) Moduli spaces for finite dimensional representations
2003-12-10 Aidan Schofield  (Bristol) Noncommutative moduli spaces
2003-11-11 Vitaliy Sushchanskyy  (Kyiv/Gliwice) Groups acting on rooted trees
2003-10-24 Idun Reiten  (Trondheim) Modules of infinite length over finite dimensional algebras
2003-10-22 Anders Frisk  (Uppsala) Properly stratified algebras and tilting modules
2003-10-02 Gottfried Barthel  (Konstanz) Pythagorean Quadrisection of Squares and Rational Points on Certain Elliptic Curves
2003-09-12 Anton Cox  (London) Tilting tensor products and symmetric groups
2003-05-22 Serge Ovsienko  (Kyiv) Quasi-hereditary algebras, coalgebras over a category and A_\infty-categories
2003-05-15 Steffen Koenig (Leicester) Polynomial functors in prime degree
2003-05-08 Erik Darpö (Uppsala) Classification of the real flexible division algebras
2003-05-07 Alex Martsinkovsky  (Boston) A new approach to noncommutative Serre duality
2003-05-06 Martin Herschend (Uppsala) Solution of the Clebsch-Gordan problem for Kronecker representations
2003-03-14 Oleksandr Khomenko (Freiburg) Groebner basis of ideals in algebras with PBW basis and its applications
2003-02-28 Catharina Stroppel (Leicester) Categorifications of Hecke Algebra Quotients


2002-12-17 Jean-Paul Brasselet (Marseille) Characteristic Classes of singular Varieties
2002-12-13 Marcos Soriano (Bielefeld)  Producing "Big" Ext-Groups for Weyl Modules over GL
2002-12-06 Lars Lindberg (Uppsala) Dissident maps and real division algebras
2002-11-29 Lyudmyla Turowska (Göteborg) Decomposition of scalar matrix into a sum of idempotents
2002-10-01 Alison Parker (Oxford) On the Weyl filtration dimension of the induced modules for a linear algebraic group
2002-09-12 Reidun Twarock (London) New algebraic and group theoretical structures related to quasicrystals 
2002-08-13 Yuriy Samoilenko (Kyiv) Algebras generated by projections, their representations and applications 
2002-05-08 Anna Kudryavtseva  (Kyiv) Nilpotent transformation semigroups and their groups of automorphisms 
2002-05-03 Alex Martsinkovsky (Boston) Noncommutative Sheaf Cohomology over Koszul Quiver Algebras 
2002-04-18 Steffen König (Leicester) Repeating patterns in decomposition matrices of general linear groups 
2002-02-19 Olexandr Khomenko (Freiburg) Some applications of Gelfand-Zetlin Modules 
2002-02-13  Shoetsu Ogata (Erlangen) Frobenius splitting on toric varieties 
2002-02-12  Shoetsu Ogata (Erlangen) On generator of ideals defining toric varieties


2001-12-12 Jan Stevens (Göteborg) Semistable K3-surfaces and icosahedral symmetry 
2001-12-07 Marcos Soriano (Ã…rhus) The structure of generic Iwahori-Hecke algebras 
2001-11-26 Lyudmyla Turowska (Göteborg) Wild problems in the theory of *-representations of *-algebras  
2001-11-02 Björn Dundas (Trondheim) Recent trends and results in algebraic K-theory: a survey
2001-10-12 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) Certain functors, associated with localizations of U(g)
2001-08-31 Ludger Kaup (Konstanz) Homology of Lower-dimensional Toric Varieties. 
2001-03-09 Florian Berchtold (Konstanz) Morphisms between toric varieties


2000-08-30 Ludger Kaup (Konstanz) Simplicial fans and cohomology
2000-05-23 Per Salberger (Chalmers) Aritmetik för toriska varieteter

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