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Self-avoiding walks
Random Self-Avoiding Walks on One-Dimensional Lattices
Upper Bounds for the Connective Constant of Self-Avoiding Walks
Bounds for the Connective Constant of the Hexagonal Lattice
Upper and Lower Bounds for the Connective Constants of Self-Avoiding Walks on the Archimedean and Laves Lattices

First passage percolation
A Note on a Problem by Welsh in First-Passage Percolation
Inequalities for Means of Restricted First-Passage Times in Percolation Theory
Lower and Upper Bounds for the Time Constant of First-Passage Percolation
Scanning of Poisson processes
On the Distribution of the Scan Statistics of a Poisson Process
On the Distribution of Scan Statistics of a Two-Dimensional Poisson Process
Approximation and Simulation of the Distributions of Scan Statistics for Poisson Processes in Higher Dimensions
Approximations of the distributions of scan statistics of Poisson processes

Random graphs
A counter-intuitive correlation in a random tournament
Correlations for paths in random orientations of G(n,p)
Correlations for paths in random orientations of G(n,p) and G(n,m)
First critical probability for a problem on random orientations in G(n,p)

Exact expectations and distributions for the random assignment problem
Monotonicity of the difference between median and mean of Gamma distributions and of a related Ramanujan sequence
On measures of average degree for lattices
Significant interactions in two-way ANOVA: example on impact on testing for normality
On monotonicity of some Binomial probabilities

Erdös number: 2.

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