My thesis: The Lorenz attractor exists

Revision December 8, 1998:
The first version (September 24, 1998) of my Ph.D. thesis turned out to contain a misstake in the code dealing with the cone field. After isolating the error, I decided to use a different choice for the field. In the earlier version, the field was taken to be horizontally centered and very wide. The new version uses slimmer cones centered along an approximation of the attractor. This requires some additional functions in the code which have now been added. The main bulk of the code, however, is unchanged. I have also added a statement concerning the existence of a unique SRB measure for the flow.

Revision March 10, 1999:
Yet another error in the code was detected. This time it was the expansion estimates that were affected. The faulty algorithm has been corrected, and some global variables have been eliminated. The main bulk of the code and its underlying mathematics is still unchanged, although the code is somewhat more structured now. The revised thesis, and all codes etc. can be found here.

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