Complex Analysis and Differential Equations

Complex Analysis and Differential Equations

A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium in Honor of Matts Essén

June 15-18, 1997, Uppsala, Sweden

During four days in June 1997, Uppsala University organized a symposium on mathematics in honor of Professor Matts Essén, who retired at the end of that month. The symposium was financially supported by the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for International Scientific Collaboration, the Wenner-Gren Center Foundations, the Nordic Academy for Advanced Study (NorFA), the Swedish Natural Science Research Council, the Faculty of Science and Technology of Uppsala University, Gustaf Sigurd Magnuson's Fund, and the Presidency of Uppsala University.

The complete program is available.


The proceedings volume is also a Festschrift for Matts and was published in 1999.

Plenary lectures

Contributed talks

Scientific Committee

Hiroaki Aikawa, Shimane University
Catherine Bandle, Basel
David Drasin, Purdue
Walter Hayman, Imperial College
Ilpo Laine, Joensuu
John Lewis, Kentucky
Olli Martio, Helsinki
Ivan Netuka, Prague
Dan Shea, Madison

Organizing Committee

Christer Oscar Kiselman, Lars-Åke Lindahl, Jerk Matero (Secretary)
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