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University lecturer in Mathematical Statistics at the Department of Mathematics of Uppsala University.


My main interests are research and application within mathematical statistics in particular asymptotical statistics.


Nonlinear regression:
higher order asymptotics for least squares methods, application of saddlepoint approximation to nonlinear regression. That is a collaboration together with Alexander Ivanov (Kiev, Ukraine).

Nonlinear errors-in-variables models:
asymptotical properties of the total least squares estimator, construction of adjusted consistent estimators together with Alexander Kukush ( Kiev Ukraine), nonparametric functional relations.

Project together with Joerg Polzehl (Berlin, Germany), Application of a symmetrized SIMEX

A project together with the Observatory Hamburg, Germany is the application of errors-in-variables models to astrometry.

Project together with Martin Eklund (farmbio.uu.se) on feature selection methods. see report . Here can you download the SimSel 0.1 R-packet zip version .

For further details on my work I refer to the list of publications.


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Course "Mathematical Statistik" 1MS013, part: Statistical Inference, autumn 2011

Start 31 Aug 13:15 Pol 2145
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PhD Course on "Rank Set Sampling", spring 2011
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Course together with Örjan Stenflo: Anlysis of time series, 1MS014, spring 2011

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Computer intensive methods 1MS009, autumn 2010
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First Assignment here DEADLINE 4/11,13:15
Second Assignment here DEADLINE 11/11,13:15
Third Assignment here DEADLINE 19/11,13:15
Fourth Assignment here DEADLINE 01/12,08:15
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Inference II part of 1MS013 (mathematical statistics, 15 hp), autumn 2010
First assigment here DEADLINE: 14/09/10, 24:00
Second assigment here DEADLINE: 01/10/10, 24:00
Third assigment here DEADLINE: 11/10/10, 24:00
Fourth assigment here DEADLINE: 14/10/10, 15:15

Nonparametric Methods 1MS020, spring 2010
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Textbook: Conover: Practical Nonparametric Statistics, Wiley, IBN 0-471-16068-7

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PH.D. course "Theoretical Statistics", short title " Liese-Kurs".

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Second Homework, deadline 24/11/09 here.
Third Homework, deadline 8/12/09 here.
Fourth Homework, deadline 15/12/09 here.




Workshop for Atlas Copco in Fagersta 10/12/09 ,
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course information How to reach me

  • Silvelyn Zwanzig, Uppsala University, Department of Mathematics, Box 480, SE-751 06 Uppsala, Sweden
  • Phone: +46-18-4713184
  • office Ångström 74106
  • e-mail: zwanzig@math.uu.se
  • FAX: +46-18-4713201 
  • 2011-08-19, Silvelyn Zwanzig (zwanzig@math.uu.se)