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Takis Konstantopoulos

Professor, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University

Takis Konstantopoulos

Seminars with a stochastic and/or analysis component Time-Space points  *
What's the time now?
Advice to a young mathematician (emphasis is mine)
How to write mathematics (Paul Halmos)
I'm on the editorial board of Bernoulli Journal
and for Math Reviews for AMS look here
Owing to the unbelievable lack of responsibility, including racism, of the airline known as SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), I couldn't go to the SPA conference in Buenos Aires. The precise documentation of the events is here.
Update (2 Sept. 2014): The insulting SAS reply.
We've been having lots of random seminars [relatively] recently. Check us out and let us know if you want to enlighten us with a research talk. We like talks given on the black/white board!
List of fake journals
List of fake publishers
Stochastic processes (graduate course in mathematics) (spring 2014).
Disclaimer: This is not a course on stochastic modelling. If you are interested in stochastic modelling, ask me what to read or attend another course, but do not take this one unless you are prepared to attend the lectures and do the work for it.
Probability for PhD students (autumn 2012)
Olav Kallenberg workshop at the Mittag-Leffler Institute. Talks are here Have been building a graduate program in stochastics. That is, introduced several new courses. See here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and ask me if you wish to see my lecture notes (whenever they exist).
First year students special lecture (intro to projective geometry) The 2012 Stochastic Networks Conference, MIT, 18-22 June, 2012
Check out the completed Brownian motion seminar SF-180: Symposium celebrating the 60th birthdays of Esa Nummelin, Paavo Salminen, and Esko Valkeilaα,β, Helsinki, 8-9 Dec. 2011
Visiting Microsoft Research, Redmond, 22 Nov.-12 Dec. 2010 My 20 minute inaugural lecture is here, the slides here, and a completely atypical photo of me here
The axiom of choice and equivalent statements Co-organizer of the Newton Institute program on Stochastic Processes in Communication Sciences (January-July 2010)

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