' Denis Gaidashev's Homepage

Denis G Gaidashev

Department of Mathematics
Uppsala University
Uppsal, Sweden
gaidash at math dot uu dot se

I am currently a member of the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University. I did my undergraduate studies at MEPhI , and the graduate ones at University of Texas at Austin, my frist postdoc at University of Toronto in Toronto, and the second one at KTH in Stockholm.

Mainly dynamical systems, a little bit of solitonistics, non-linear evolution PDE's, and similar beasts... Here's my CV .

I am a co-organizer of the joint KTH-UU "Dynamics, Number theory and Analysis (DNA) seminar". For the seminar schedule please visit the DNA page .

Applied Dynamical Systems, 1MA444, Fall 2019

Applied Dynamical Systems, 1MA444, Fall 2018

Ordinary Differential Equations II, 1MA208, Spring 2018

Dynamical Systems, 1MA217, Fall 2016

Applied Dynamical Systems, 1MA151, Fall 2015

Fourieranalys, 1MA211, Fall 2013

Partial Differential Equations, 1MA216, Fall 2013

Dynamical Systems, 1MA217, Fall 2012

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